Media Services

“Screen translation is a very dynamic and fast growing industry, which is a well-balanced mix of sound and images, which guarantees that the original message reaches the audience.”

Screen Translations

Screen translation is a very dynamic and fast-growing industry, which involves the use of sound as well as imagery, to guarantee that translations are performed as best as possible.

Subtitle translation or subtitling, as it is often referred to, is part of screen translation, where text in the target language is inserted at the bottom of the screen.

Dubbing translation, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated because it involves actual actors performing in the scenes on top of everything else.

Translation of documents – all movies and videos start from scripts and other paperwork, we have developed the teams and skills needed to handle such files.

We have the experience of working with big production companies in and outside Asia, so we can offer expert advice for your production when needed.

1-StopAsia is our company and brand that operates with the translation part of our business. For our media services, we have developed a special brand 1-StopMedia, which is specialized in working in the media sphere. You can ask our Production Department or directly visit the 1-StopMedia website for further information and questions.

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