1-StopThailand was established in Bangkok, Thailand as part of our global translation brand 1-StopAsia.

Our company today

1-StopThailand was established in 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand as a sub-brand of 1-StopAsia as part of our constant growth strategy. 1-StopAsia has more than 20 years of history and we at the Thai office, is one of the youngest branches of the company, aim to follow the principles and standards that lead 1-StopAsia on its path of success.

The Global Concept

We have built 1-StopAsia with the single purpose of being a one-stop place for all of your needs in-but, not limited to-Asian languages.

Throughout the years, we have added many different services to our portfolio. As we began to grow, those services turned into their own brands and all of them formed our Global concept and brand – 1-StopGlobal.

We have companies with their own names in different locations including 1-StopKorea, 1-StopJapan, 1-StopBulgaria, 1-StopChina, 1-StopEdu, 1-StopMedia, and 1-StopThailand; we are a diverse company in which many personalities and cultures are incorporated. However, we are still the same entity with a single goal of being your 1-STOP for Asian language translations and online education.

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1-StopThailand is a sub-brand of 1-StopAsia which is recognized as one of the largest language service providers (LSPs) in the global translation, localization, and interpreting industry.

We were included in the TOP 100 largest LSPs in the world, ranked in the Top 30 largest in North America for the last 3 years and also certified by ISO 9001 and 17100. Our main goal is to be able to provide our partners and clients with an efficient process and perfect results when it comes to handling languages.
1-StopThailand gives you direct access to 1-StopAsia’s resources and expertise.

“Being a sub-brand of a company that has been in the translation business for over 2 decades, we are aware of what is important in the industry.”

With this in mind, we aim to:

  • Be the hub for Thai translations in 1-StopAsia brand
  • Specialize and be up-to-date with all shifts in culture and language

What are your benefits?

  • Access to native resources
  • Be in direct contact with the production team of 1-StopAsia through 1-StopThailand
  • We embrace the high standards of 1-StopAsia.Quality and customer satisfaction are our top priority

Your voice in Asia

We are your single stop for language experts dedicated exclusively to Asian translation services. With our focus on Asian languages, we are confident in the ever-growing expertise and versatility of our translation teams.

Professionals for Professionals

Instead of doing B2B or B2C, we do P2P, which means “Professional to Professional.” Having been in the translation business for over two decades, we are aware of our clients’ expectations. We have the tools and the workforce to make Asian language translation easy and simple.

Time management

When it comes to the translation business, time is crucial. Let us handle the most time-consuming parts of the project management for you! Our one-stop service for Thai languages is available in all time zones. Let us work for you while you sleep.


“Our first membership was back in 1999. This was the first opportunity for us to show the beauty of the Asian languages and cultures around the world.”
Besides growing from within the company group, 1-StopAsia has also expanded through its network connection with different associations and organizations.

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Our Translation Company complies with the Data Protection Regulation. As a law-abiding data controller, we take all reasonable measures to ensure that your data is processed and stored securely. We have developed a comprehensive Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 which includes appropriate policies and procedures designed to assure the fair and transparent management practices covering all aspects of our activities, including information security and personal data protection. To ensure that your personal data is processed and stored securely, we apply a range of organizational and technical security measures.

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